Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Apparently wheat thins are a "Utah" thing and that's what everyone tells us when we eat them... so we just buy them all the time and everyone laughs at us! They say that no one ever buys them... except if they are from Utah and I'm like well. they are my favorite cracker so I guess I'll keep them in business haha!! Love you all.

How are you! Oh my goodness, another week down. This past week went by really fast. I swear I was just here at the library emailing ya'll. The mission really does go by fast! I now know what they mean when they all said that haha. This week was miraculous. Definitely full of miracles every single day. As mentioned earlier, my companion did break her leg and it's been kind of hard to feel like we are being the 'best' missionaries that we can be. But, nonetheless, we are making do with what we can and we know that the Lord is pleased with all of our hard work. And, I know that he knows the intentions and desires that we have. It has been a really good experience for me because I have had to learn a lot of patience and love. I thought I had that..... but I've had to really test it out. It's not that it has been bad at all, or has even bothered me, but I literally have to do everything for her because she can't put ANY weight on her foot. So, I get to drive everywhere, open up her door every time we get in and out of the car, carry her bag, bring in groceries, vacuum & wash the car, do the dishes, clean the apartment, carry her laundry and all of that, bring her food in and out of the kitchen, just things like that that I have really never had to do for anyone else... but, I have been able to see the blessings that come from service and I wouldn't change it for anything.
So let's talk about my week. We have been on fire the past few days! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday seemed to drag on a little bit.. but the rest of the week just picked right up. Lately we have been struggling with 'finding' new investigators and just people to teach in general because here in Waxhaw, there is like no big gathering places or anything. There is no malls, no hang out restaurants, and just not a whole lot of people gathering. There is a little main street and a little skate park, but that's about it. It's just hard to find random people outside that we can talk too haha. and, we can't really knock doors because of Sister Ekstroms foot, and every house is like really far back and so spread apart that it takes you like 5 minutes to walk from house to house. and, half of the time the people don't even answer or they slam the door on us.. and so then it's just not even worth it. not to mention that it's super hot and humid so we just don't like walking anyways haha. BUT, it's good. we are finding other ways to find and it's been fun!
We had to go into Charlotte this week a couple of times and that was really fun! We went for Sister Ekstroms Doctor apt. and got that all checked out! She has to be on crutches for 1 more month and then she should be off them! We also had a zone meeting Friday and that was AMAZING!! President and sister Craven were there and shared some amazing things and it was so good to see them again! You rarely see them and it's quite sad actually!! My zone is great though! We got some great advice and learned a lot. it was funny because I just happened to get paired up with Elder Riley Smith in like all of our group things. he played football and graduated with me AND, knows Shae really really well because of football and dodge ball so it was really fun to work with him and learn from him! It's crazy to see how much he has changed though, just from high school to now haha. We have been teaching some pretty solid investigators right now. Idk if I mentioned Harrison to you last week or not, but man, he is so solid. We met him at McDonald's last week and showed him the Easter video and he said we could come back and teach him. Well- we have taught him 2 lessons now and they have been nothing but PERFECT. we extended a baptism date of May 2 and we are really excited for that. It is so amazing to me to see how truly prepared these people are. I know that the Lord has prepared them for ME. because there is no way after 2 lessons that someone could feel so much and learn so much. He is 20 years old, works and McDonald's, and goes to a community college, and is really doing nothing with his life. Last lesson was just unreal. we taught him about the plan of salvation and he just lit up and it was as if the spirit was just tangible. it was SO REAL and SO THICK I just could feel it! Ah it was so good! Last night we also had a great first lesson with this cute family. The parents have 4 kids and they aren't married, and have never heard of the church and have never been religious so it was like prime opportunity. It was kinda hard to teach the lesson because we like didn't even know where to begin and what to say, but somehow it worked and the spirit definitely led the WHOLE lesson. I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth but we extended a baptismal date and the mom and her two 11 year old daughters said they would get baptized if they knew it was true so that was really exciting! We meet with them again tomorrow! We have lots of others that we are teaching but right now we are trying to focus on visiting the less actives and formers. We did have to drop one investigator yesterday and that was really sad.. his name was Kevin and he was really progressing and was doing everything we were asking him to do, he just wouldn't give us his last name and that was just keeping us from getting him baptized and it was really frustrating, but it's what needed to happen! I think he has some mental/emotional issues.. so we counseled with pres. Craven and came up with an executive decision!
I am amazed at the people here though. everyone is fairly nice, but it's amazing to me how every single neighbor is of a different faith. we knock doors all the time and it's just amazing how one house is catholic, another is Baptist, another is Methodist, another is Jewish, another is Presbyterian, its just crazy! There are SO many different churches around here it blows my mind!! Like how do you have neighbor hood parties and get together and all that! oh wait, you don't haha. it's like everyone is in their own little world and it's just crazy to me! It's been really fun though to meet people of different backgrounds.(P. blessing mom) because that is what I am definitely doing and that has probably been my favorite part thus far! We are actually teaching a couple tonight and they are 100% hindu... so that could be interesting. I will definitely let you know how that goes hahah.
Right now I am falling in love with this family in my ward. She is a single mother of 8 kids, and she is raising them all on her own. they are from 5 different fathers, so imagine that, and they are just the sweetest family ever. We have been going over there a lot lately because the mom is really struggling and she says that she wants us over as much as we can because she loves the feeling that is in her home when we are there and she said that she really needs us to come over for her kids. they have been members for about 1 year now and have just been able to be so blessed by the church because the church helps them out A LOT financially and all of that, but it's been so fun for us to go over and visit with them and share spiritual thoughts. We always go and read scriptures with them and it's really uplifting and encouraging. They are all black too sooooo. bonus for me! These 2 little kids are my absolute favorite. their names are Nature and Phoenix and they are just the cutest things! I will make sure to send a picture with them next week! Mom, you would eat them up!! Lets see, I think that's about it for me this week. I am loving every second, as said before. it's definitely not easy, but I just couldn't be happier and more blessed. I have never ever been closer to my Savior in my entire life and I am just soaking it all in. I love meeting new people and I have just loved talking to Everyone I see. It's amazing how bold I have become and how 'unshy' I have become. It's fantastic! Everyone here needs the gospel and I have just loved being able to open up my mouth and share what I know to be true! Our fast Sunday yesterday was great, I got up and bore my testimony and was just so filled with the spirit because of how much my testimony has grown. It's amazing what 1 month of being a missionary can do for you! GUYS- this week will be ONE whole month!! What!!! life is great! As a companionship last night we read together Alma 26 and it just hit me so hard. It was the definition of missionary work and how I really feel. I have never read that chapter and thought of that really, until being on a missionary. I encourage you to go read it and have that in mind, the thought of being a missionary- because we are all missionaries. Member missionaries are wayyy more powerful than you can even imagine, and I have been able to really notice that here. It's amazing actually. There are people who need You, and your testimony. SO SHARE IT AND BEAR IT!!
Family, I want to know that I know that this church is the true church and I have never been more sure. Having the spirit with me 24/7 has just been able to confirm that! I know that he lives and that he loves every single one of you, never ever ever forget that. I have been able to witness his love in so many ways and have been able to see it work in the lives of so many people out here, who don't even have a clue what the Gospel is. We are so blessed. We are so blessed to be able to have the knowledge of the gospel and it really is our job to share it with everyone. So many people are kept from the truth because they just don't know where to find it. When we don't share our testimonies with others, we are basically not allowing them to repent and to have their chance to accept or reject the gospel! Let's all do our part! I know that he will bless you if you just stand up, be bold, (in a very loving way), and share what you know to be true. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to be one of his direct servants. I know that I have been called by a prophet of god to share what I know. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! and yes kaiden, I am so spoiled. so spoiled. but it's exactly what I have needed! you just needed something different! :) hehe. I promise that if ya'll do what is right and you keep the commandments, you will be taken care of! I know that the atonement is real. oh my goodness, it is so real. I PROMISE YOU THAT IT WORKS and that he truly suffered for each and every one of us. it wasn't just like a big pile of sins and trials that he took on all at once, it was each individual person, one at a time, that he suffered for. Me, you, and every single person. I love my savior so much and I hope that you will continue to do the little things that strengthen your faith and your relationship with him. MAKE TIME FOR HIM and I promise he will make up the rest for you. I have never understood that concept more, than being on my mission. Put him first and he will put you first. I love him I love him I love him!
Thank you ALL for the love and support. Mom, I have a few questions/favors for you! First, I need some emails and birthdays. In a package that I know you will be sending in the future... (hahhaha I'm so funny aren't I?) will you include a copy of the Birthday/email list from both sides of the family? thank you so so much. Also, I LOVE the dry shampoo that we bought before I left, (in the teal can) for dark haired people, it works like a CHAMP. I need some of that and we don't have a hair store in my area so I can't get any.. and the walmart brand is just not quite cutting it. Also, do you have any remedies besides bug spray for mosquito's? they are HUGE here and I am getting bit everywhere. last week I had like 10 on my toes and my feet and I couldn't sleep because they itched so bad and ahh it was just miserable. so maybe ask around and see if you come up with any ideas! Wow, I am just full of needs aren't I! haha jk I really am doing perfect these are just some of my extra things I decided to add onto the email! Dad, I am in dyer need of an Ipad screen protector thingy. I have the newest Ipad mini, model number A1489 or something like that.. but I can't seem to find one anywhere. so if you could include that in the next package that would just be wonderful! :) Mom, tell grandma how much I love her and how grateful I am for her. as well as the rest of the family. Kaiden and chels. I love you 2 so much. Some more letters and emails would be nice. maybe some pictures too haha. Kenna, Cole, I LOVE YOU!! keep up the good work and don't go to Disneyland without me again! ever! don't ever do that again! I promise it'll be way more fun with me! So wait, and we'll go when I get back! I love you all to the MOON AND BACK!! Thank you all so much for your love and your support. You are in my every single prayer! Thank you for loving me and serving me! I have the greatest family in the entire world! Sending all my hugs, loves, and kisses your way!! Until next week,

Sister Kyla Joan Worthington

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