Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 28,2016

hello my cute, adorable family!

Happy belated Easter. :) I hope y'all had a wonderful day yesterday and hope you were able to take some time to really reflect on the Savior and his atonement. I cannot believe that Easter has already come and gone. Time just goes so fast. I am really grateful that I don't have to miss any more Easters without you! Holidays on the mission are always a struggle. I don't typically get homesick, except for holidays and when it comes to family traditions. I got through the day and am doing just fine again so all is well. I cannot complain. I am grateful that it is P-day though and that I get to take a little break and relax. We went to Target today and I almost cried because of how much I love that store. I just wanted everything there haha. It was fun to get out and be out in the town today. I am grateful Sister Cottis loves shopping. :) I didn't even spend any money... So be proud.
Well, I guess I'll just skip the whole week and go straight to Easter and my half birthday haha. Yes, we celebrated my half birthday as well. I'm kind of a big deal I guess. Any reason to celebrate right?
:) Sister Cottis and I had a really great day and I am grateful for her and for her friendship. I am grateful that I have been able to spend some holidays with her. She has made it fun and easy to be away from the family. We woke up and made a big breakfast and finally got to eat on our new kitchen table. (Yes, that's another story for another time.) We made peanut butter banana pancakes and had our hot lemon/honey water that we drink each morning. :) We also had a mission wide conference call at 7 am Easter morning and got to hear from President and Sister Alexander. They are the best. They sent us all some Easter love and really started the day off on a spiritual high.
It was neat to be able to use technology to be united with 200 missionaries. We had a wonderful time at church and the talks and lessons were absolutely fabulous. I have really been blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and be amongst so many good members of the church. I love this ward and the people here. Everyone really takes care of the missionaries. I have made some amazing relationships and have met some unreal people that have really impacted my life. I cannot wait to come back to my mission and see all of the people that have supported me and have made an impact in my life. I know that the relationships I have gained here will be some of my most cherished relationships in this life, and in the eternities.  Sister Cottis and I also got to sing in the ward choir so we really enjoyed that and it was fun to be apart of that! Music definitely brings the spirit and I am SO grateful for it. :) It keeps me sane.  The rest of the day we went out and visited a lot of recent converts and less actives and brought them treats and Easter goodies. I love holidays because it gives us an excuse to stop by and drop little gifts off and see people that we don't normally see. We were able to show the #hallelujah video to a lot of people and actually had lots of success. We taught a lot of part member families and definitely brought the spirit into their homes. We had dinner with one of my favorite families from Orem, Utah. Todd and Michelle Jaramillo! Their parents both live in Orem and I'm sure Grandpa and Grandma know them somehow. Anyways, they invited another cute young family in the ward over and also invited Robert to come over with us. We had a wonderful meal and a great time talking and hanging out. We had a really good discussion on the Easter story and were able to read some scriptures regarding the resurrection of Jesus Christ and each share our testimonies of the atonement. It was a powerful evening. The best part of the night was the surprise Robert had for us. He went out to his car and brought in a CAFE RIO bag. Sister Cottis and I literally dropped to the floor and almost started crying. He went to Richmond, Virginia to visit a friend and saw a Cafe Rio there. He decided to get a lot of food and they packed it up in a freezer/cooler thing and he brought it home to us. Today we had sweet pork tacos and it was the best thing ever. You have no idea. All the missionaries from back West talk non stop about how much we miss Cafe Rio and how it's one of the first things we want to do when we get home. I have been craving it for the last year of my life and then Robert decided to show up with some. He is the best of the best. Oh how I love him so much. My life was just made today as I was eating it. Just one of those tender mercies from the Lord. Anyways, the rest of the night we visited more people and just had a wonderful evening spreading the beautiful message that the Savior LIVES. He lives and that is our special message to the world. Sorry this paragraph was super long. I should probably start a new one haha.
The rest of the week was really good. We saw lots of miracles and I learned a lot. It's amazing how similar, but how different each week is. I'm out here doing the same thing, but everyday is so different.  We meet so many different people and experience so many different things that it makes for a new story every single day and every single week. The highlight of the week besides Easter and Cafe Rio was probably Women's Conference and my Shelly miracle. I absolutely loved Women's conference. We were able to go out to dinner with one of our favorite widows in the ward before the conference. She spoiled us and took us to Panera. :) We then headed over to our stake center and did a little service project with some of the ladies in the stake before the meeting and enjoyed some treats and social time. I was so grateful for that because it was hard not being able to be with my mama, sisters, and grandmas. I sure missed you guys. It just isn't the same not being able to be right by your side. Oh how I am looking forward to next year with you! I learned so much and received so many answers to my questions. It was amazing to see how every talk was regarding service. It made me think of my divine role as a woman and as a full time missionary. We are truly called here to earth to serve and love our fellow men. I am so so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to devote every single minute of every single day to serve and to turn outward and give of myself freely. I love missionary work so much. Lately I have been studying more about the doctrine of Christ and my divine calling as a missionary. I am called to teach repentance and baptize converts. That is why I am here. I am trying to really figure out what works best and ways that I can better magnify my calling. I know that I must be patient and that I must rely on the Lord in ALL things. This is his work and I am starting to realize that more and more everyday. I cannot do this on my own. I need him. I need him to guide me and help me do it His way. Sister Cottis and I had a really neat experience this past week. After our ward coordination meeting with our ward mission leader, we had a good meltdown/cry session in the car for a good 45 minutes. We have just been struggling lately because we feel like we are working SO hard and giving it our complete ALL but we just aren't seeing much success. We really came together and really repented and figured out that we need to rely on the Lord more. Both being out for a fair amount of time, we feel like we just "get it" and know what we are doing and how to do it, but have been forgetting that we HAVE to rely on the Lord and do it His way. We feel like we have been just doing it our way and relying on ourselves and each other to get the work done. Together we came up with some things that we want to change! I am excited to implement some of the things that we have talked about and really work on improving my relationship with the Lord and the Holy Ghost. I am grateful that I can be so open with Sister Cottis and that we are on the same page all of the time. That really has made a huge difference. We both have such a strong desire to do the work and to improve. I love it! She is so good at being humble and teachable and it's really helped me a lot.
She is so good for me. I cannot say enough good about her. It's going to absolutely kill me when I have to say goodbye to that girl. We just won't even go there right now. Anyways, long story short, Woman's conference was great.
Now to my Shelly miracle. After district meeting on Wednesday we all went to Cookout to get lunch. Cookout is a popular restaurant here in NC and everyone always wants to go there. Everyone ordered their food and me and this one Elder were the last two people to order. You order outside and talk to the people through a window. Kind of like Sonic, but you're not in your car. I don't really know how to explain it, anyways, we were all just hanging outside ordering. Well, this elder and I decided to give the girl who took all of our orders a #hallelujah pass along card. She seemed really sweet and had to put up with 10 hungry missionaries so we thought we'd leave her with a good video to watch. :) We all ate and got fat and then left. About an hour after we left, this Elder called us and told us that he felt inspired to go back and talk to her. We were about 30 minutes away doing other things so we just told him to go back with his companion.
They went back and ordered waters and decided to talk to her. They just talked more about what they do as missionaries and how they felt inspired to talk to her. They wrote their number on the pass along card and wished her well. Later that night she texted the Elders and thanked them for talking to her that day. She said she went to the link on the card and watched the Hallelujah video. She said she really really loved it and wanted to discover how she could "find new life"
though Jesus Christ. (That's what the video talks about.) The elders were obviously ecstatic and we're excited to set something up with her. They found out she lived outside of our area so they talked to her and decided to transfer her to the missionaries in the area that she lives in. Well, long story short, the missionaries in Welcome, North Carolina met with Shelly the next day and she is getting baptized in APRIL. AHHHH! Miracle upon miracle. You have no idea how excited I was when I heard this. We literally talked to her on Wednesday and I found out she was getting baptized on Friday. That, my friends, is how we do missionary work. It was such a testimony to me of how God is preparing his children to receive the Gospel. She was ready and all it took was opening my mouth and talking to her. It made me want to repent and be better at talking to EVERYONE because you never know when the person you talk to is the one who is going to be ready to change their life around and be baptized. Ohhhh God is good.  I needed that experience. I am so happy for her and am so grateful for simple pass along cards and powerful videos that the church creates to further the Lord's work and build the kingdom of God.
We had the great opportunity to go on an exchange with the Spanish sisters in our zone. I got to leave my area this time and went over to the glorious town of Winston- Salem. I had such a wonderful time, although I REALLY need to work on my Spanish!! (Elder Parkinson HELP  ME???) The sister I went on exchange with is such a great missionary.  I don't know how she has only been out for six months. She is amazing.  There were so many times on our short exchange where I witnessed her going out of her way to talk to someone. We were getting in the car after our dinner appointment and as we were turning around and driving away, she saw a Mexican man clear up on his driveway fixing his car and she pulled over and parked the car and we went up and talked to him. When we were finding in a neighborhood, she saw a man getting out of his car and he was definitely out of our way and she went up and talked to him. We saw another Mexican family eating outside on their porch and when we drove past, she turned around and we went and taught the whole family. I was amazed. I kind of sat back and watched because I couldn't do much due to the language barrier, but I was absolutely amazed at the powerful teacher she is and how she definitely goes the extra mile. She is a great example to me. While we were teaching this one couple, I sat back and watched her teach the whole first lesson.  It was amazing how I could still feel the spirit SO strongly, even though I had no idea what was being said for the most part. I then pictured myself being her mother and how proud she would be if she were sitting in my spot, watching her daughter teach. It was amazing.
I loved being there and not being able to speak the language because it allowed me to be on the other side of things. Since I couldn't speak and I had NO idea what was going on, I was able to sit back and just watch. I love love love exchanges but have such a desire to learn Spanish. Today as we were leaving our apartment to begin our P-day their was this cute little Spanish couple asking us where the dumpster was and they could barely speak any English but it was just another one of those times when I wished so badly I could speak. Maybe one day. :)
My studies this week have been on fire! I love my personal study time.
The Holy Ghost has been teaching me so much this week. I have been studying all about prayer and about keeping God's commandments. This week in my Book of Mormon reading I read Enos 1 and Mosiah 2 and that is where it all started. I was really trying to figure out what prayer really is and what it means to me. I want to improve my prayers and be more diligent because I know that that is one of the ways that my Heavenly Father speaks to me. I have really tried to cry and wrestle with the Lord in my prayers, instead of just saying rote prayers and saying them because I have been asked to say them. This is the only time in my life where I feel like I have had TIME to actually sit and be quiet and say a prayer whenever I want, with really nothing else to have to think about or do. I have also been really trying to study how the spirit speaks to me because after I watched the Face to Face with Elder Holland, I feel like I need to understand that. :) Elder Neal A.
Maxwell compared receiving answers to prayers to the opening of a combination lock. It is a step-by-step process: “Petitioning in prayer has taught me, again and again, that the vault of heaven with all its blessings is to be opened only by a combination lock. One tumbler falls when there is faith, a second when there is personal righteousness; the third and final tumbler falls only when what is sought is, in God’s judgment--not ours--right for us. Sometimes we pound on the vault door for something we want very much and wonder why the door does not open. We would be very spoiled children if that vault door opened any more easily than it does. I can tell, looking back, that God truly loves me by inventorying the petitions He has refused to grant me. Our rejected petitions tell us much about ourselves but also much about our flawless Father” I loved that quote and it really helped me. Receiving answers to our prayers are a step by step process and are all on God's timing and I must remember that.  The blessings and answers WILL come, we just must be patient and wait for them. It is part of the test of life. I would encourage each of you to try and tweak your prayers a little bit more this week. As I have tried it, I have noticed a huge difference. I have been able to see the Lord's hand more in my life. I have been able to feel his influence more and I have felt closer to the spirit and to my father in heaven. Try it! We were meeting with an investigator yesterday and she really opened up and was just saying how she feels like she has NO time to pray and literally cannot find time to do it. It made me think of my mother and how crazy busy she is... But if she can do it, anyone can do it. :) I asked her to just start with 2 minutes. To make sure that she sets just TWO minutes aside in her day to not worry about a single thing but to just let it all go and say a prayer to her Heavenly Father. She committed to do it and I promised her very specific blessings. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I can promise specific blessings. I know that God will make more time in her day and she will have more time to accomplish all that she needs too. I know that you will be able to receive the same blessing, if you even start with two simple minutes!!
Now... Keeping the commandments. Holy smokes!! I wonder how many times in the scriptures it says, "if you keep my commandments, you shall prosper in the land." Or something along those lines. If anyone ever wants to count that and get back to me, I'd greatly appreciate that.
:) In Mosiah 2:24 it talks about how we need to be indebted to our Savior and I really wanted to study that. How can we ever repay the debt we owe to the Savior? He paid a debt He did not owe to free us from a debt we can never pay. Because of Him we will live forever.
Because of His infinite Atonement, our sins can be swept away, allowing us to experience the greatest of all the gifts of God, which we know is eternal life. (D&C 14:7) We will never be able to pay the debt. The gratitude of our hearts should be filled with overflowing love and obedience for the Savior's great and tender mercy. For what he has done, we should never fail him. He bought us with a price, the price of his great suffering and the spilling of his blood in sacrifice on the cross. One of the best ways for each of us to demonstrate gratitude for what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ give us and to repay the debt, is to keep the commandments. President Joseph Fielding Smith said, “We are extremely ungrateful to our Father and to his Beloved Son when in all humility with ‘broken hearts and contrite spirits’ we are unwilling to keep the commandments. The violation of any divine commandment is a most ungrateful act, considering all that has been accomplished for us through the atonement of our Savior." Now, he has asked us to keep his commandments. He says they are not grievous, and yet there are so many of us who are not willing to do it. That certainly is ingratitude. We are ungrateful. “Every member of this Church who violates the Sabbath day, who is not honest in the paying of his tithing, who will not keep the Word of Wisdom, who willfully violates any of the other commandments the Lord has given us, is ungrateful to the Son of God, and when ungrateful to the Son of God is ungrateful to the Father who sent him” That hit me SOOO strong. It was just so bold and made me want to rethink how I'm living. And right now I think I'm living pretty dang good.. Since being a missionary is pretty strict.. But there is still room for lots of improvement.
I also found it super interesting that the prophet's last talk was on keeping the commandments. I really didn't think he was going to make it this long either.. So I found it really interesting that out of all the things that he could've chosen to talk about, that's what he chose. During the face 2 face with Elder Holland that we watched, he also addressed same sex marriage. He went on to say that it's not about the gender and about same sex marriage in general, it's about the fact that they are breaking the COMMANDMENT of chastity. That is where the problem lies. Not that it's gender and same sex, but that it's violating a commandment of God. That was just another example of how important the commandments are and how everything stems from them.
"We show our love for God and our faith in Him by doing our very best every day to follow the course that He has laid out for us and by keeping the commandments that He has given to us. We especially manifest that faith and love in situations where we don’t fully understand the reason for God’s commands or the particular path He is telling us to take. As we trust in the Lord, exercise our faith, obey His commandments, and follow the course He has charted for us, we become more the person the Lord wants us to become. It is this “becoming”--this conversion of the heart--that is all-important. As Elder Dallin H. Oaks has taught us: “It is not enough for anyone just to go through the motions. The commandments, ordinances, and covenants of the gospel are not a list of deposits required to be made in some heavenly account. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a plan that shows us how to become what our Heavenly Father desires us to become.”
I loved loved loved that quote and it was probably one of my favorites for the week. I am so grateful for the commandments that God has set out for us and it has really helped me stay on the path and course that Heavenly Father wants me to be on. I know that as you exercise faith and try to obey the commandments with exactness, you will be blessed and EVERY promise that the Lord has given will be fulfilled.  President Alexander talked about how EVERY single promise the Lord has ever given in the scriptures, in patriarchal blessings, in baby blessings, in priesthood blessings, in talks through his prophets, in anything regarding heavenly father's promises, THEY WILL COME TO PASS.
Whether in this life or the next, he will keep his promise. I found that super comforting and it has really given me the desire to work harder and be better. I owe so much to my Savior. He has given me everything. My life. My mission. My family. My spirit. My everything.
Everything I have is because of the Savior and the Gospel.
My favorite scripture for the week is Ecclesiastes 12:13. "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his
commandments: for this is the whole duty of man." Remember that.
I hope you have a wonderful week, and a start to a new month! I love you so so much. Thank you for everything you do to love and support me. I couldn't do this without you. I know this is His work and His true church. I hope you all take some time to reflect on your life and the many blessings you have because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Talk to you in seven! Sending all my hugs and kisses from North Carolina your way! I love you!
Sister Kyla Worthington

March 21,2016

happy springšŸŒ»

hey my cute fam!

Happy Spring! Whoa, before I forget, Happy birthday daddy! I hope you had a wonderful day. I was thinking about you ALL day, wishing I could be there to celebrate with you. I hope it was a magical day. I will be there for you next year, I promise. :) Well, what a beautiful time to be alive and share the good news that our Savior lives! It still hasn't quite hit me yet that Easter is next week. What! Where is all the time going. What is everyone's plans for Easter? This time of year is probably one of my favorites being a missionary because everyone seems to have Christ more on their mind and seem to be a little bit more open. We have been sharing the new Easter initiative with everyone and it's been super powerful. The church does such a good job with their holiday videos. Has everyone been able to watch that yet?
If you haven't, go watch it. #hallelujah :) It's also pretty exciting that I came upon my year mark this past week. What a day. I cannot believe that it's been that l long. I never thought that day would come. It was a magical day and it was super special to be able to reflect on the past year of my life and everything that I have learned. It has hands down been the very best year of my life. Nothing else will ever compare to it. I don't have words to even express the feelings that I have when it comes to my mission. I just will never ever be able to express it. Kind of like Haiti, there just isn't any words. :)

This week was wonderful! It seems like every week I am always amazed at the tender mercies that God shows me. I am grateful that he allows me to witness miracles and feel his love on a regular basis. It keeps me going. This morning I was reading in Jacob 7 and came across Sherem, the first anti Christ in the Book of Mormon. It started talking about how he demanded Jacob to show him a sign, that God was real. I was pondering on that thought, and it took me to Matthew 12:39. "An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it." How true that is. I had an experience this past week that even explains that perfectly. We had a lesson with this pastor dude and we were talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was convinced that the Holy Ghost was the power of God, and the power to perform miracles and all that kind of stuff. Little did he know he was talking about the Priesthood. We tried to tell him that, but he was just not having it. To make a long story short, I looked at him and said, "because I have been baptized by the proper authority, I have the gift of the Holy Ghost." He looked at me with a real serious face and said, "So you're telling me that YOU have the gift of the Holy Ghost?" And I said, "yep". Well, after that, he was shocked and tried telling me that I didn't have it and that only Christ's apostles could have the Holy Ghost. So, he said "well, if you say you have the Holy Ghost, I want you to make this water bottle move." And pointed to the water bottle on the table. Like what.
Clearly he didn't understand. Anyways, after studying this morning, it took me back to that experience. So many people in this generation just want proof and signs. Clearly we must exercise faith FIRST. We must not feed upon signs, miracles, and visions to keep us strong and steadfast in the church. We must have faith, humility, and trust that as we keep the commandments and obey, God will bless us and will let us know that he is there and that this is all real.

In Doctrine and Covenants 63 the Lord said, "Faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe." The righteous will have signs in their lives as a result of their faith. I have seen that happen time and time again in my life and I cannot deny that signs are real. I know that God will bless you and show unto you things as you first exercise your own faith. Elder Bruce R. McConkie once said, "“Signs flow from faith. They may incidentally have the effect of strengthening the faith of those who are already spiritually inclined, but their chief purpose is not to convert people to the truth, but to reward and bless those already converted. Signs are sacred grants of divine favor reserved for the faithful and concerning which the recipients are commanded not to boast” I loved that. So, I just want you to know that I have a testimony of miracles and signs. I know that God is aware of what his children need, and will show them what they want to see, according to their diligence and faith. I am so grateful for what I have been able to see and experience on my mission, as a result of my faith and obedience. I have seen SO many things, you don't even know. I cannot wait to come home and share some of my most sacred experiences with you. All I know is that it works. Faith is the beginning of everything. Everything comes because of faith. No wonder it is the very first principle of the Gospel. :) Think about that one.
The very first thing taught in the Doctrine of Christ. There is a reason for that. Do some studying on that one!

Sister Cottis and I were able to see a lot of miracles this past week.
It was a good week. We were able to teach a lot of the new investigators that we found the previous week and that was super exciting. It was neat to see that most of our new investigators kept their return appointments and we were able to see them again. We are working with quite a few people and are really just trying to get them to progress and work towards baptism. We are working with some solid people who have committed to baptism dates, but they are just having the hardest time coming to church. I don't know why that's always the hardest thing for people. It's such a struggle. I am convinced that if they would come just one time, they would love it and would continue to come. Statistics have shown that investigators who come once, 9 times out of 10 come back another time. Our miracle people Tiffany and Teresa are doing well. We had a good lesson with them and we are just trying to get them to church as well. We have a lesson with them tomorrow and a member is coming out with us so we are hoping that as we get some fellowship for them, they will feel more comfortable coming. I will keep you posted on that one. :) Robert also came out teaching with us a lot this past week and that was super fun to have him with us. His testimony is SO powerful and it just shakes the investigators. There is nothing like a recent convert teaching. I wish he could just come with us everyday. I swear he is going to convert all of North Carolina one day. He is actually considering moving to Utah..... So hopefully that'll happen and you can all meet him one day. He's my favorite. :)

The highlight of the week was our mission leadership conference in Charlotte with President Mike Hemmingway and Elder Jackman. Elder Hemmingway is the head person for proselyting in the church and Elder Jackman is the head person for all referrals in the church. Both quite a big deal in the whole missionary side of things. All of the district leaders were also invited to the meeting and it ended up being the best 9 hours of my week. I learned SO much. My mind was just blown on so many levels. We learned so many new ways to teach, preach, find, plan, and everything else. Sister Cottis and I were just on fire after the meeting and were so excited to get out and find people to teach. A lot of the meeting was focused on our purpose as missionaries and the main reason for why we do what we do. Elder Hemmingway went on to say that the reason we live the morning schedule, the reason we eat, the reason we have Facebook, the reason we email on Mondays, the reason we paint our nails and do our hair, the reason for EVERYTHING we do is all to TEACH REPENTANCE AND BAPTIZE CONVERTS. It put that into a whole new perspective for me. All that I do out here is for that main purpose. Once we as missionaries can connect those dots to all that we do, everything will change. I am working on figuring that out and have been able to start to see how everything I do and why I do everything is to help God's enter into covenants with him. He gave us an example that really helped me see what he meant. He asked us to imagine ourselves placed on a boat in the middle of an ocean. He then asked, which way we would go? We wouldn't have any idea which way would lead us to the shore. He then said, What if a big wave came and when you were on the top of the wave, you could see the glimpse of a mountain.
Then would you know where to go and which direction to take? YES! When you have a vision and know where to go, everything else becomes easier. It's so applicable to life as well. As I understand that my purpose and vision is to teach repentance and baptize converts, everything else will change. I will know where to go and what to do. I will know what direction I need to head and it will all work out. It was a really powerful meeting, that's about all I can say. :) My favorite quote of the meeting was "If you want to improve, you have to change. If you want to be perfect, you have to change often." Now I know we all can't be perfect, but that's definitely what we're striving for, right? If we want to start seeing different results in life, we must start doing different things. We cannot keep doing the same things we are doing or we will keep getting the same results.

I was able to go on an exchange this past week with one of my favorite sisters in the zone and that was a real good time. We taught some super powerful lessons and found some new investigators. There are always so many miracles that come on exchanges. I love them. I hope I can continue to be a STL so that I can continue to go on exchanges.

I don't have much to talk about, but I do want to talk about the very special day that I had on March 18th, 2016. I started the day off with a very heartfelt prayer. I wanted to thank my father in heaven for the time that he has allowed me to spend in North Carolina. It was so interesting to think that a year ago on that very day, I was saying goodbye to all of you and I was giving up everything that I have once had and once known, to come out and serve the Lord. I didn't have a clue what I was getting into. I had no idea what to expect, but I was trusting the Lord that he would take care of me and that my decision to serve was the right decision. I never thought that this day would come, where I would be saying that I am on the downhill of my mission.
It kills me inside. I don't even like to think about it. However, I do love looking back on the past year and reflecting on how much growth has taken place in my life. I will never forget what President Craven said to me when I first came out on the mission. He told me that if there is one person I convert on my mission, it better be me. After being out and serving for a year now, I can now say that I have been converted to this gospel. I have converted myself and because of that, my mission has been absolutely worth it. I have such a strong testimony of this gospel. I know it's true with everything in me and I will stand up to it until the day I die. I cannot deny what I know and what I have experienced. I am also very grateful for the power of the priesthood and for the Prophet Joseph Smith. As a mission we have really been focusing on the first lesson, The Restoration of the Gospel. I think I have taught that lesson probably 10,000 times on my mission, no joke. I have recited the Joseph Smith account so many times. It has been amazing to me to see that each and every time I share that experience, I feel the spirit. I get chills up and down my body. It's such a testimony to me that it's true and that it really happened. We had a great lesson in RS yesterday about the Prophet Joseph and I am so grateful for what he did and for his sacrifice to this work. Because of him, my life has been changed. He is one of my heroes and I cannot wait to meet him one day.

I am just so very grateful for my mission and for the life changing things that I have been able to experience. I have been able to see the power of the atonement work in my life so greatly here. I know that it's real. It's so strong, powerful, and so so real. During this Easter time I have really been reflecting on the atonement and what it means to me personally. The atonement made by Jesus Christ brought about the resurrection from the dead, and restored life. I love in the new Easter video how it talks about how all of our family that has gone before us can live again because of Jesus Christ. What a powerful, yet so simple teaching. That is why Jesus said: “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live” (John 11:25)

This wonderful principle extends to all the human family, to all men of every nation. I am so grateful for that. No matter who we are, or how we lived our lives, we will all be able to be resurrected. I think that is another sign of how much God truly does love us. I hope this Easter Sunday each of you will be able to take some time to reflect on what the Savior means to you. I would invite you all to take a few quite moments throughout the day to reflect on his life and his atonement, and how you have seen it bless your life. Easter is more than just a holiday. I would also invite y'all to start preparing for general conference. I am SO excited to hear the words of our dear prophets. Right now I think we desperately need their council with everything going on in the world at the moment. I hope you will all spiritually prepare and I cannot wait to hear all about it.

I better wrap things up. It's about time to head to dinner. I want you to know that I have a testimony of this gospel. I know He lives and because of that, we will all be able to live again. I am grateful for the power of prayer and the power of repentance. I am thankful for my family and for the knowledge that I have that we can be eternal. :) I have the best family in the world. I hope you all have a marvelous week. Remember that there is a girl in NC who is thinking about you and praying for you. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. I love you to the moon and back. Sending all my love and more your way. Talk to you in seven! Xo

Friday, March 11, 2016

March 7, 2016~Happy March

My sweet family,
Hello! How is everyone doing? I hope you all had a marvelous week.
It's amazing how up and down the weeks can be and how fast and slow they can be. This week was a down week, and a slow week, so I'm a bit exhausted and overwhelmed. But, I'm here. I'm safe. I'm happy. I'm healthy. :) I cannot complain. I'm sure there are many that have it much worse than I do, so I have no room to talk. A few days into transfers President Alexander called Sister Cottis and I and informed us that we were going to be moving areas. Since our Tanglewood ward split, we got put in the new Lewisville ward. I was kind of thinking that Sister Cottis and I were going to stay, but God ended up needing us to be in the other ward. I was a little bit sad.. But knew that it was what needed to happen. Well, as a result of that, we had to give ALL of our investigators and all of the people that we were teaching and working with to the elders. It was super hard for me because I have been working my tail off for 5 months building up this area and really established a solid teaching pool and had lots of people ready to get baptized. I know that missionary work is missionary work, and it doesn't matter who does the teaching and who does the baptizing, but it was still hard to say goodbye to those whom I have come to love and adore so much. It has been so fun watching them change and come closer to their Savior. If any of them end up getting baptized while I am here in Lewisville, President said we can go. :)
We have had lots of challenges with our area book and transferring everything over, and that has been a huge pain. Technology is great..
But sometimes I wish we had the paper area books haha. Sister Cottis and I have also had to start from ground zero with everything, so it has been a tough week. White washing and finding ALL WEEK LONG has been a struggle. Whoa! It's been so hard. We literally have no people to teach now and we are spending 7-8 hours a day finding people.
Talking to people on the street, knocking on doors, working through members, everything you can think of. It makes the days extremely long, especially when we don't have any set appointments, but we have been able to see a lot of miracles come from it. We have found a few new investigators and are being blessed for our efforts. I love it though. We are establishing this new area and it's been really neat to be the very first missionaries in the history of Lewisville. We are going to be moving apartments hopefully this month, and that should be interesting too. Lots of changes! Change is good. I like change and it's definitely helped me to grow and develop. God definitely knows what I need and when I need it. Just as I have started to get comfortable, he decided to throw a curve ball at me. :) I am thankful for him and for how aware he is of me.
So, I am going to have to apologize up front because I really don't have like any more time. Today has been crazy. We have been super busy all morning, and then we came to the church and played some basketball, and ended up having one of our investigators come and pay with us. Well, we ended up teaching him for an hour and a half and that took up all off the time that I usually use to email you. So, I really apologize. I guess teaching a lesson and seeing a miracle on preparation day is way better and way more worth it. :) I will have to tell you about this kid a little bit later. His name is Will, and all I can ask is that you start praying for him.
This next week is going to be busy and I'm super exited. We have our mission leadership conference in Charlotte tomorrow and I am so excited to be with President and Sister Alexander! We have zone meeting and exchanges and a whole lot of other stuff. The Easter initiative is also coming out soon and that's going to be a big hit.  Then we have interviews and zone conference, and the we have a mission conference and a general authority is coming!! I don't know who yet, but that should be exciting. I am really looking forward to that. Our mission needs it.
My studies have really been focused on the doctrine of Christ and on missionary work. I eat, sleep, breathe, and dream missionary work. I just feel so blessed to be apart of such a great cause. It's the best thing in the world. I know I say that week after week, but I really mean it. MISSIONARY WORK IS THE BEST. This past week I read a really good talk by our prophet about seeing others as God sees them. It really opened my eyes and helped me have a desire to work harder and talk with all of gods children here.
Sharing the gospel brings so much peace and joy into our lives. It enlarges our own hearts and souls and increases our own faith, strengthens our own relationship with the Savior, and increases our own understanding of gospel truths. The Lord has promised great blessings to us in proportion to how well we share the gospel. He promised us that we will receive help from the other side of the veil.
I can testify that that is real. I have seen it time and time again on my mission. I have especially seen the power of that through my Grandma Joan. I know she is protecting me. She is my guardian angel watching over me. I feel her spirit and her influence SO PROFOUNDLY.
The Lord has also told us that our sins will be forgiven more readily as we bring souls unto Christ and remain steadfast in bearing testimony to the world, and I would imagine that every one of us is looking for additional help in being forgiven of our sins. :) Or at least I am. (D&C 84:61.)
I wish we could more effectively and faithfully plant missionary work into the hearts of all members of the Church. President Kimball once said, "The understanding that if a person is old enough to be a member, he is old enough to be a missionary; and he doesn’t need to be set apart especially for that calling. Every member has the obligation and the calling to take the gospel to those around him. We want every man, woman, and child to assume his rightful responsibility. It is very important. For this is the message of the gospel: We receive blessings from the gospel, and then we go out and share those blessings with others." How powerful is that! I know everyone is super busy... And before my mission, I was more than guilty, but the Lord did not say, “If it is convenient for you, would you consider preaching the gospel.” He said, “Let every man learn his duty” (D&C
107:99) and “Behold … it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor.” (D&C 88:81.)
Sharing the Gospel cannot just be convenient for us. When opportunities arise to share the gospel, we must be ready. We must be praying for opportunities to share what we know. You don't have to be a missionary!! Member-missionary work is the key to the future growth of the Church. Righteous members, living the gospel by example, are the Church’s best advertisement. We should constantly be trying to think of Heavenly Father’s children that are spiritually prepared to make it all the way to baptism and into the kingdom. I remember talking to mom a while back about how hard sharing the gospel is with your friends. We are constantly worried about losing our friendships with them or offending them, or looking stupid, or whatever it is, but a prophet once said that, "Sometimes we forget that it is better to risk a little ruffling in the relationship of a friend than it is to deprive him of eternal life by keeping silent." Talk about slap in the face. This is eternal life and it is our duty to share the gospel because we have it. Imagine what it would be like standing before God and having to say, "Oh sorry, I didn't share the gospel with my friend because I was scared." Like that's not going to go over well. We can offer these people salvation!! It has definitely been so much easier being a missionary and wearing a name tag, and being surrounded by people ALL day long who aren't members of the church, but, I know that it's just as possible in the good ole 801.
Start anywhere, and then what you need to do is find out if they are the elect. The Lord said “My elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts.” (D&C 29:7.) If they hear and have hearts open to the gospel, it will be very noticeable. If they won’t listen and their hearts are hardened, they are not ready. In this case, keep loving them and fellowshipping them and wait for the next opportunity to find out if they are ready. You will not lose their friendship. They will still respect you. I have seen that time and time again on my mission. We find so many people and talk to so many different people, but not all of them are elect. In fact, most of them aren't. But, we can't give up. Just like Robert. It took him like 100 missionaries. :) We have to keep trying!
I am so grateful for the Gospel and for the amazing things that it has done for my life. I am soooooo grateful to be a member of this church.  I know that it is Christ's true church. Being in the Bible Belt, I have seen it so clearly. There is no other correct church. I want you to know how much I love you and how grateful I am for each of you. I hope you will make it a wonderful month. Share the Gospel!! Talk with everyone. My invitation to each one of you is to simply serve someone this week, tell someone you don't know that you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Give someone a Book of Mormon, or simply just bear your testimony of the Savior. I promise you will be blessed and how great will be your joy! One of my favorite scriptures comes from Luke 22:32. "When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." We have the Gospel, we are converted. STRENGTHEN OTHERS. Strengthen your brethren and sisters and in turn, you will strengthen yourself, and you will be happy.

I love love love love you. Have a perfect week. Let me know what I can do. Talk to ya in seven. The church is true and I love you! Xo

Sister Ky Worthington

February 29, 2016~Guns and Tornado Sirens

Hello family!
How are my favorite people doing? How was your week? I hope everyone is doing well and that you all had a wonderful week. Tell me about it. What's been going on? How is everyone doing? Tell me! Tell me! Don't worry, don't be alarmed over the subject of this email. All is well and I am alive. Oh what a week it has been. Let's just say I have created some great memories and have had some great journal entries. Missionary work is so wonderful! It has been such a fun and exciting week here in Tanglewood. One of those weeks that I will never ever forget! I just can't wait to come home and share with you some of the experiences that I have been having. Mission stories are the best stories. I never thought I'd have mission stories to tell (because I never thought I'd serve a mission) but I am so grateful and am so happy that I chose to serve. :)
I think the best way to go about this email would be to go day by day and explain everything that happened. We were able to witness lots of miracles and it's been one of the better weeks so far! So, we have lots to talk about! First and foremost, we got transfer calls this past Saturday and Sister Cottis and I are staying in Tanglewood together for another transfer. Holla! I am so excited, you have no idea. Sister Corrigan is leaving us and going back to Utah tomorrow, but I am super grateful that I get to serve with my favorite hermana for at least another 7 weeks. :)
So, Monday after I emailed you was great. We had dinner, which was really great, and then instead of doing our usual FHE with Pat and the Scotten family, we went over to the big hospital in Winston- Salem. My dear Pat has been in the hospital for the past week. She has not been doing so well and she needed to be admitted to the hospital. We found out that she was on the behavioral health floor and has been dealing with some serious mental health issues, along with her personal health. We got permission to go and see her and it was a very spiritual and profound experience for me. It was amazing to see one of God's children in such a hard situation, but knowing that she is being taken care of and that he is aware of her. I am so grateful for the chance that I have had to work with her and for the chance that I had to cross paths with her. She is doing much better now, and is out of the hospital, but is still going to need lots of love & prayers. I love being able to serve and give myself to others. It's probably one of my favorite things about missionary work. Turning outward and serving others.
Tuesday was just a day that I'd rather not even talk about. It was just one of those days. We didn't have much success and we weren't able to teach a single lesson, besides our dinner lesson. And that DOES NOT happen here in Tanglewood. We never go a day without teaching at least one lesson. I don't know what happened. No one wanted to talk to us and every door just got slammed in our faces. It was a good day because it made us frustrated and made us want to punch Satan in the face and kill it the next day. We were able to go serve with our elders at our nursing home, so that made it not too bad. I love those people to death. Serving there is literally the highlight of my week.
Wednesday was great! See, sometimes we need hard days so it makes us appreciate the good days. We had a wonderful district meeting and then all went to lunch as a district. We went to the Waffle House and I wanted to throw up. Blahhh. I swear all we ever do is eat. It's never ending. Sister Cottis and I started a no carb, no sugar, only fruits & vegetables diet thingy and that's really really helped. We gotta get fit. :) After lunch we decided to use some miles and make a trip to Mocksville. It's towards the outskirts of our area and we don't get up there too much. We were able to see lots of success and were able to meet some new people and teach a few lessons. It was super super windy and the weather started to go insane. We got stuck in a CRAZY rain storm and I literally had to pull the car over and wait on the side of the road for a while because it was raining buckets. The wind shield wipers were going so fast and it wasn't even doing anything. Lightning was striking down and it was intense. Well, it cleared up after 20 minutes or so and then we decided to get out and contact some people. As we were outside walking around, all of the sudden we heard these super loud sirens. We were super confused and I had never heard them before. Come to find out, they were sirens for a tornado warning. What! It was intense!! We decided to get back in our car and start heading for home. The skies weren't looking so great and we were kind of starting to get scared. Three girls and a tornado probably wouldn't be the bestest of ideas. Ha. Actually, that would probably be a really hilarious sight. We had a great dinner that night with some of my favorite members and I went to bed feeling really good, exhausted, and happy. :) Those are the best nights. The instant I put my head on that pillow, I was out cold. Lately we have been using a humidifier with lavender essential oils in it to help us fall asleep and it's been working like a peach. Oh how I love my essential oils.
Thursday was a pretty good day. We had lots of things planned and most of them actually happened, which is rare. :) We had our three hour weekly planning session and set some really good goals for this week and this next transfer. We have some solid work to do. Some of the sisters in our zone are really struggling and we must step up and help them. Sister Cottis and I have come up with a few things that we want to start doing and are excited to see what happens. We are trying to come up with new ways to get close to our sisters and build our relationship and our trust with them. We were able to teach a great lesson to a man named Michael, and we had Robert come teaching with us. Oh. My. Goodness. He is AMAZING. Like I know I say that every week.... But he is incredible. You just have no idea. Seeing him teach with us was one of the greatest things ever. He has such a powerful testimony. I was blown away. He really helped with this guy and I just sat there in awe. Watching this recent convert bear his testimony and sit there and say that HE KNOWS that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true, just filled my heart with complete joy. It made all the difference in the world for our investigator as well. If you ever have the chance to go out teaching with the missionaries, please go. Having members present in our lessons make all the difference in the world. You have no idea how much we LOVE member presents!!!! It just makes such a difference. We were also able to teach one of my favorite less actives and that was a good time. His dog just had puppies and they were out running around during our whole lesson so it was kind of hard to stay focused, but it made me happy. I love the little tender mercies that God places in my life. :) He knows me way to well. I cannot wait to come home to my little Lulu! Oh how I miss her so much. Well, the rest of the night was exciting, but nothing that's worth writing about ha. We shall move onto Friday.
Friday was a day. Whoa. We had extra miles so we decided to go out to Yadkinville, which is on the opposite side of Mocksville, and the opposite side of my little Tanglewood. We met a lot of new investigators and were also able to catch up with some of our former peeps. We stopped by this one house and were able to talk to some former investigators that we had met a few months back. We sat down and had a really neat conversation with them. They really opened up to us and it was amazing to see the spirit of the lord come into the room. We were sitting and talking to this cute little old black grandma and her 12 year old granddaughter. This young 6th grader has been through so much in her short little life, you have no idea. She went on to tell us that she has been molested, abused in every way shape and form, was thrown out on the streets when she was 5 years old, purposely wrapped in a blanket of bed bugs and flies, has had alcohol shoved down her throat at age 9, and has seen a lot of things that she shouldn't have seen. There was a whole lot more to it, but I better stop there. I sat there thinking about her life and why she has had to go though some of the things that she has been through. Why? I just don't understand. No one should have to go through that. She is literally the most mature and grown up 6th grader I have ever met, and it makes sense as to why she is that way. She has been through SO much, and has been through it all without the knowledge of the atonement and her Savior Jesus Christ. After talking to them for awhile, we had to get going. Before we left, I went and gave this sweet girl a big, long, hug. As we embraced, tears started rolling down my cheeks. I have never felt the spirit so strongly as I did in that moment. It took me back to Haiti, and the time that I have spent there, with some of God's greatest children. I remember going into the room full of babies and picking up and holding one little baby, and taking him to the upstairs of the orphanage. I remember sitting on the floor with this innocent child in my arms, and staring into his eyes. I remembered looking at him, and looking up at heaven, and feeling the love that our Savior has for his children. Especially his innocent and perfect ones. Hugging this daughter of God brought me closer to my Heavenly Father than I have ever been. During our whole conversation, I just kept asking myself why I got so lucky and why I got so blessed, and why she didn't. While hugging her, it was as if God was telling me that he knew this child of his. He knew what she was going through, and what she has already been through. He told me that she was one of the most elect, courageous, and brave soldiers fighting the war in heaven. He told me that she volunteered to be placed with a mother and father who would mistreat her. He told me she volunteered to come to earth without the Gospel in her life. He told me that she was going to be okay, and that he has a plan for her. It was then and there that I felt peace and felt the healing power of the atonement. I know that one day she will accept and understand the gospel in her life. I know that she will be able to see through the veil, to the life that she once had before her life here on earth. I left feeling so empty, but so full at the same time. The rest of the day I just couldn't get her out of my head. I couldn't get over the thought of what she told me and just how unfair this life is. As we left, I just couldn't stop thinking about how grateful I am for the gospel in my life and for the parents and family that I have. I am SO blessed. We are SO blessed. We have no idea what some of the others around us have had to go through. I couldn't believe it. I am so grateful that God placed me in a home where the spirit is there, and where the doctrine of Christ is understood. This week I want each of you to just remember how blessed you are and to really show appreciation to your father in heaven, and to one another, for the great life that you have and for all of the things that you have to enjoy. We just have no idea how good we have it.
We did a few more things up in Yadkinville and that leads me to my next story. We we're trying to go contact a less active that we didn't know and we couldn't really find her house. We looked for a little bit and determined that we were just going to try the next person on our list. So, that being said, I decided to turn around. Well, little did I know, I wasn't going to be able to make the turn, so instead of having Sister Cottis get out and back the car, I just went a little bit on someone's lawn, thinking everything would be okay. I literally barley touched their lawn. Well, as we began to drive away, this guy came running out of his house and began yelling and screaming and freaking out, waving us down and telling us to come back. We were scared out of our minds. It was so hilarious. He was SO beyond mad that I barely drove on his lawn. We didn't really know quite what to do. We didn't know if we should have stopped and turned around and talked to him.. Or if we should've just kept driving, so all three of us decided that we were just going to keep driving. The man was literally insane. He was like scary and it wouldn't have been good for us, or for the church, if we went and talked to him. So, we drove away pretty fast and had to get away as he began to chase us down! It was super super scary, but we had a good laugh about it. I felt super bad and definitely repented that night, but I hope one day I will be able to see him and ask for forgiveness haha. I don't know if I did the right thing or not, but I hope my father in Heaven forgives me for driving on his lawn. I definitely learned my lesson and it will not be happening again. I will make Sister Cottis get out and back me NO MATTER WHAT. Then, to top it off, for dinner that night, we had raw tuna steak and gross, nasty vegetables. AHHH, you have no idea. It was awful. I love tuna from a good sushi restaurant, but this lady literally took some huge steaks and seared them for two seconds and then put them on a plate. EW. Not my thing. So, we all went home and had a bowl of cereal. Sister Cottis hates seafood too... So it was just not a good dinner appointment. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. The rest of the night was great.
Saturday was miraculous! The week just got better and better as the days went by. We were able to teach a lot of lessons and talk to lots of people. We met some really great people and it was one of those days that I just loved being a missionary. I was so happy and felt myself engaged in the work, 100%. I love those days. We had appointment after appointment and we were busy all day long. It was wonderful! We were able to see Melissa and guess what, she broke her foot! Poor girl. She is having trial after trial. It was good to be with her and I think we helped her a lot. She is still doing well and her testimony is still super strong. For dinner that night, we were able to go over to Pat's and the Scotten family. This is where the biggest miracle of the week came. Sister Scotten has been telling us about this lady that is renting the room in their basement and how she has been talking to her about the church. Well, when we went over to dinner, we were able to meet her. She came and had dinner with us, and then mid way into our dinner, this boy comes in the room! His name is Jesse. He is a friend of one of our members and he had previously investigated the church, but had lost contact with the missionaries. He said he has been to church several times and absolutely loves it. He kept making comments about how after he's baptized, he gets to be called our brother and that he gets to be a missionary! It was hilarious. He's totally getting baptized. He was also able to join us for dinner and then they both joined us for a lesson afterwards. It was incredible! We talked about faith and read in Alma 32. We were able to get a member present that night, and a member home lesson. (Those are things that we have to report as part of our numbers every single week) We have another appointment with them both tonight after dinner and I am so excited. We are going to extend a baptism date to both of them. Talk about miracle! God is definitely answering our prayers and putting people in our path.
Sunday was just as good as Saturday. I love my sabbath days. They are so good. We had a few people at church and it was also our ward conference. The Tanglewood Ward is being split, because it is too big, so there were definitely a lot of emotions in the room. The ward had a really hard time with it. Our stake president announced the new bishops and announced where the dividing line is going to be. I don't know how it's going to effect us yet... We are still just waiting to hear from the mission president. I know that they are going to put one set of missionaries in the Tanglewood ward, and one set of missionaries in the new Lewisville ward. It's either going to be us or the elders, so we shall see. Today was also really great because Robert got the Aaronic priesthood. He was sustained in Sacrament meeting and my heart was just so full. Then, he also got asked to speak at ward conference and it was AMAZING. His testimony is so powerful. I sat there and had tears running down my cheeks the whole time. Robert is my favorite! It made me so proud and he just killed it. I cannot wait for you to meet him one day. You are in for a treat. Then after church we knocked on this lady's door and she opened it up and let us right in. She gave us some water and then we began talking with her. As we were getting to know her, she said, "So, do you have a message to share with me?" What! No one says that. It was incredible. We taught her the message of the Restoration and got a return appointment. Talk about elect daughter of God! She's going to get baptized too. :) We had a wonderful dinner with another one of my favorite families and then didn't get out of there until about 8:15. We decided to go contact this referral that we were given and it was on this super sketchy road, super dark, and guess what, as we were walking up to the door, he totally was looking out the window and had a gun in his hand!! It was so scary. Oh my goodness. He set the gun down on his table and opened the door. He wasn't too happy with us... He said that we came too late and he had no idea who we were, so he grabbed his gun. Regardless of the situation, it was scary and we were out of there pretty fast. We went home and went to bed, and I slept like a rock!!
And that lead us to today. Monday! & preparation day! We went to the mall today and have just been hanging out at the church for a few hours. I played some good basketball and am a little bit worn out.
My studies this week were great. I am learning lots and am constantly amazed at the things that the spirit teach me. I read Isaiah 53:4-5 and that really hit me this week. It says, "Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." I decided to change some of the words.
"Surely he hath borne MY griefs, and carried MY sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for MY transgressions, he was bruised for MY iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes I AM healed."
My quote for you this week is: "The Atonement is not simply God’s method for righting wrongs and satisfying the demands of justice. The Atonement is rehabilitative, a miraculous power that can help us change who we are: I once wondered if those who refuse to repent but who then satisfy the law of justice by paying for their own sins are then worthy to enter the celestial kingdom. The answer is no. The entrance requirements for celestial life are simply higher than merely satisfying the law of justice. For that reason, paying for our sins will not bear the same fruit as repenting of our sins. Justice is a law of balance and order and it must be satisfied, either through our payment or his. But if we decline the Savior’s invitation to let him carry our sins, and then satisfy justice by ourselves, we will not yet have experienced the complete rehabilitation that can occur through a combination of divine assistance and genuine repentance. Working together, those forces have the power permanently to change our hearts and our lives, preparing us for celestial life”
I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and for the Gospel in my life. I have to get going, but I just want you to know how much I love each one of you. I am so grateful for your support and constant prayers. I feel them, and I hope you know that I'm praying for you as well. I hope you have a wonderful week, and a GREAT month of March!!! It's going to be a good one. I love you all. Talk to you in seven! Sending all my love, hugs, and kisses from North Carolina!!! I LOVE YOU!! Xo
Sister Worthington